Filbert, Vegan Luxury Handbags

Making Things Better

Filbert’s handbags are luxurious—the materials are ethically sourced and thoughtfully designed and curated—but the website leaves out the backstory of how these beautiful vegan handbags came to be. After deciding on the designs, colors, and materials, the founder couldn’t find an American maker who she felt would meet her standards of quality. It took time—lots of it. Which is in part why these mindfully made leather-free products are so outstanding.

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Making Things Better

We suspect you’re like us and have struggled to reconcile a natural inclination to bring beautiful things into your life with an equally strong desire to leave the world a better place.

Much of what’s for sale in stores and online is made in ways that do harm. We started Filbert to create luxe products we wanted ourselves, but couldn’t find, products that set both elevated aesthetic and ethical standards. We’re resolved that everything Filbert will be:

  • American Made
  • Cruelty free
  • Curated and exceptional

With Filbert, we aim to inspire awareness and kindness, to make things better in every way possible.

The more we learn about how both everyday and luxury goods are generally produced, the more keenly we embrace our credo. We find it’s always good to educate ourselves about the status quo. Knowledge gives us the motivation to make other choices, to live differently.

Because of what we learned about the leather industry Filbert’s flagship product is a luxury vegan handbag. If you’d like to be better informed about this industry, read more.