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Movement Awareness with Valerie Loo


Valerie Loo offers more than physical therapy. She draws on six therapeutic modalities to help her clients reach their athletic goals without injuring themselves again. Years ago, Valerie developed her technique to overcome a physical challenge of her own. She believes that becoming aware of and changing how one moves is key to well-being and athletic achievement. I helped Valerie refocus her website to appeal to the dedicated athletes she can help most.

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Embody a new awareness in every move you make.

When your body causes you pain or limits your movement, it’s trying to communicate with you. But what’s it saying? Valerie Loo translates your body’s messages, so you can take your health to the next level.

Change How You Move

Start Moving with Awareness

After Valerie takes a comprehensive audit of your body’s alignment and movement patterns, she’ll translate what she learns for you through verbal descriptions, tactile cueing, and movement re-patterning.

Soon you’ll understand your body in a whole new way, and with Valerie’s guidance, you’ll begin to replace unconscious habits with healthful ones. Loo Movement isn’t a quick fix, but tune in and stick with it, and you’ll experience easeful movement and energizing alignment for years to come.

Six Elements of Loo Movement

Many movement therapies make use of one or two modalities. Loo Movement draws from six complementary practices. The process is different for everyone, and changes as you progress.

Alignment Improvement

Skeletal misalignment leads to stress on your joints. When you learn to sense optimal alignment, you can protect your joints from excessive wear and tear, which leads to smoother movement, less pain, as well as greater strength and flexibility.

Strength Training

Your muscles like to be challenged, but to a point. With Loo Movement, you’ll learn specifically designed exercises that don’t overstress your body as they help keep the musculoskeletal system lively and responsive.


Joseph Pilates designed special equipment to teach the body how to move from the core. After using these machines consistently, most people gain more control and move more gracefully.

Somatic Awareness Practices

At first, you’ll rely on Valerie to read your body, but with practice you’ll learn to read the clues yourself. You’ll then be able to recognize the inefficient patterns that lead to pain and injuries, and alter those patterns yourself.

Physical Therapy Exercises

As an experienced physical therapist, Valerie knows how to target therapeutic exercises to individual situations. And if you’re having difficulties with a particular exercise, she’ll break down its components, adapting them to your needs.

Hands-On Work

Our bodies respond well to touch, whether it’s a gentle manual cue, a soft-tissue release, or an alignment correction. Trained in various hands-on therapies, Valerie will use the ones that work best for you and your body.

Get in Touch

If you’re ready to hear what your body has to say and to take your relationship with your body to a higher level, you’ll find Loo Movement deeply liberating.