Organic Dessert Copywriter

Erin Lang had only big dreams and 12-hour days on a food truck when she founded Garden Creamery. But her hard work paid off. The branding firm Vehicle fell in love with her sorbet and charmingly translated the company’s food-truck roots into packaging and a website while I contributed the founder’s story and flavor descriptions. Today, Garden Creamery’s organic desserts are—just as the tagline says—loved, and not just locally. Of course, the perks of being an organic dessert copywriter are sweet.


Story, Packaging Copy and Tagline

Garden Creamery

Sweet Cold Treats, Freshly Made, Locally Loved!


Story and Packaging

Agave-Sweetened   Dairy-Free   Gluten-Free   Soy-free

One pint (473 ml) of velvety vegan sorbet

As a kid in Hawaii I couldn’t get enough sweet, cold treats. When I moved to California I created my own. Before I knew it, I was selling them from a dessert truck on the streets of San Francisco. I make my velvety sorbet in small batches with the best local ingredients. Taste one flavor and you’ll be back for more!

—Erin Lang


Sorbet Flavors

Dark Chocolate: Smooth-as-silk, with 55% cacao

Spiced Chai: Lively black tea and warm spices

Earl Grey Tea Sorbet: With sweet, citrusy bergamot

Thai Iced Tea Sorbet: That rich, authentic taste

Young Coconut Sorbet: Luscious, tropical, refreshing

French Roast Coffee Sorbet: Like a rich, bold espresso