New Leaf Community Markets

At the Corner of Natural & Delicious

Drawing on the spirit of Santa Cruz, California’s original natural foods co-op, where he began his career in natural foods, the founder of New Leaf built a business that continues to cater to the common good. That’s why New Leaf is a B Corporation: people and profit matter. I wrote a company story, that conveys the vision and mission of this small South Bay chain in a way that speaks for all New Leaf’s community markets.

My Work with New Leaf Community Markets: About Page Story, Department Copy, 25th Anniversary Tagline

from the About Page

At the Corner of Natural & Delicious

With hippie roots and foodie palates, we work to bring you the best, most wholesome food on the planet. We cater to our core with lots of organics, and if you’re new to natural foods, we’re happy to guide you down our aisles or on our blog, where you’ll find the latest info on eating well. As purveyors of goodness, that’s how we nourish and sustain our community — and that’s our mission.

You’re our community and we’re here for you. Refuel at a New Leaf juice bar with one of our fresh, made-to-order elixirs. Feed your brain at an upcoming New Leaf workshop or stop by to pick up that gluten-free-dairy-free-sugar-free grab-and-go treat that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. Whatever the case, we’d love to see you.

Back in the early 80s, our founder, Scott Roseman, upgraded a funky co-op to a well-run, community market—offering the Westside of Santa Cruz (and beyond) the healthiest food around. Today, we’re eight markets and growing, and as the first B-Corp grocer in California, we continue to raise the bar for food stores everywhere.

A Taste for Community from the Start

Doing Good by Doing Good Business

Scott Roseman wasn’t out to start an organic revolution or reinvent natural food stores when he decided to buy the Santa Cruz co-op. It was the early days and the concept of stores that sold only natural and organic foods was just taking hold. As an employee-member, Scott knew that the co-op, while loved, was floundering. His goal was to save it for the sake of the community and to create a model business.

Doing the Right Thing Even When Nobody’s Looking

It was good business to make sure that the co-op’s members could repurchase their shares at a generous discount, so Scott did that. Then he signed a purchase agreement, re-opening the 3,000-square-foot west side store on November 20, 1985. From the start, Scott insisted on quality and began developing close relationships with local farms, dairies and artisanal producers whose high standards matched his.

True to Our For-The-People-By-The-People Roots

Within five years, the store had outgrown the space on Ingalls Street and in May 1990, Westside Community Market closed. Three days later, Scott and his trusty General Manager Rex Stewart, opened the doors to New Leaf Community.

Markets on a Mission

People shopped at New Leaf because the food was delicious, the vibe upbeat and they could trust us. We started programs that empower our customers, support local non-profits, inspire employees and move our mission ever forward.

There are Just a Few Thousand B Corps Worldwide, and We’re One!

In November 2013, New Leaf Community Markets became the first grocer in California to be certified as a B Corporation—a company that uses the power of business to solve social and economic problems. To learn more, visit

At New Leaf, we believe that taking care of people and taking care of the earth are one and the same. It’s the principle we’ve been committed to since 1985.

What Makes New Leaf Tick

Passionate About Quality

Our loyal customers know we’re absolutely passionate about quality—that’s why they shop with us. They’re confident the foods they’ll purchase from us will be as delicious as they are healthful and produced with care using exceptionally high-quality ingredients.

Powered by People

The dedicated, productive team who work together to make New Leaf Community Markets what it is, believes in the products they sell and offer a level of service that makes New Leaf the best place to shop at all our locations. The energy and skills New Leaf employees bring to their work create a dynamic and fiscally healthy company.

Built to Support Community

New Leaf Community Markets is a model business, socially responsible and recognized for supporting the causes communities most cares about: education, the environment, social welfare and the arts.