Village Song

Singing, Drumming & Dancing with Alzheimer’s Communities

Village Song is a movement that brings a life-giving, participatory music therapy to those with memory loss. It’s also a school that shares this healing modality with musicians and therapists looking to expand their skills. The school trains students in founder Lior Tsarfaty’s original technique, so they can extend Village Song’s reach to memory care facilities everywhere.

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Village Song—We’re a School and a Movement

From the start, our mission has been twofold: to use the universal power of music to better the lives of Alzheimer’s patients and to offer musicians and therapists a sustainable way to enrich their careers while extending our reach.

The First Participatory Music Program for Alzheimer’s Patients

Village Song was founded by Bay Area musician Lior Tsarfaty. Lior was one of the first musicians to make music with Alzheimer’s communities, not for them. In 2012, after consulting with memory care therapists and other musicians, Lior brought Village Song to a local memory care facility with wonderful success. Five years later, unable to meet the ever-growing demand for the program, he founded Village Song School so he could share his method with therapists and other musicians.

Two Levels of Commitment

After completing the course, and gaining an intimate understanding of the Village Song Method, you’ll receive a graduation certificate. At this point, you’re qualified to employ the spirit of the method anywhere you go and to use ideas you’ve gleaned from the training, but you can’t claim to be a qualified practitioner.

To work as a fully qualified practitioner, you’ll need to become a Certitied Village Song Practitioner, a designation that requires a personal evaluation of your skills by a Village Song Trainer. To be certified, you’ll need to prove your knowledge of the Village Song’s curriculum and your ability to apply it. You can accomplish this in a number of ways, including demonstrating your skills directly with memory care patients.

Get Certified. Become a Practitioner.

Becoming a Certified Village Song Practitioner takes more time and dedication but it’s well worth it. The designation allows you to take the Method wherever you’d like, even if you personalize it. You’ll also be able to use the Village Song logo in your marketing materials and, as the program grows in reputation, your practitioner certification will become increasingly valuable.

Reap the full benefits of the training and enjoy a meaningful career as a Certified Village Song Practitioner.