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Leverage Health connects healthcare industry stakeholders with technology innovators, accelerating revenues for the innovators while introducing industry leaders to best-in-class solutions. Leverage Health is committed to improving the lives of healthcare consumers; the company’s new branding makes this clear. I geared the website content toward healthcare stakeholders, as the technology innovators are already lined up at the door.

My work with Leverage Health: Mission Statement, Brand Strategy, Tagline, Website Content and Copy


“We seek to: Drive positive changes in healthcare that significantly impact people’s lives. Share the best innovative solutions with intelligence, authenticity, and integrity to industry stakeholders across the country and at a greater scale than anyone else. Grow our company and the companies of our portfolio partners.”

from the Homepage

It’s Time to Evolve Healthcare

Take healthcare forward, and people’s lives get better. Leverage Health connects industry leaders like you with the aspiring innovators who can meet your toughest challenges.

New innovations emerge every day. But who knows which innovators to trust. We do. Leverage Health thoroughly vets every company and innovation we recommend, so that you get the best solution from the best provider. Our due diligence process, plus our longtime history with the industry makes us the go-to people for the leading firms in healthcare.

from the About Page

Roki Chauhan, M.D., Senior Medical Advisor

A fierce commitment to seeing beyond the obvious set Roki apart, both as a physician in clinical practice and as a health-plan consultant. Today, he brings his respect for and curiosity about human thought and interaction to his endeavors with Leverage Health. In the past, this humanistic and transformative approach to sales helped Roki land such clients as Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks.

Today, our Senior Medical Advisor is a benevolent disrupter working closely with LH leadership to nudge the healthcare industry toward new ideas and approaches for the good of people everywhere.

In the triad of execution—people, process, and technology—you can’t succeed unless you look at how everyone interacts within the context of their culture.

— Roki Chauhan

Before Leverage Health: A graduate of Tufts University School of Medicine who later specialized in Family Medicine in California and Washington, Roki also worked at several Blue Cross Blue Shield companies, including Chief Medical Officer at Premera Blue Cross.

Afterwork Pursuits and Pleasures: A renaissance man, Roki loves to read, especially fiction and news—which these days, he says, “can be difficult to tell apart.” He also coaches nationally, on a volunteer basis. Roki enjoys traveling, and spending time with his wife at their vacation home in Puerto Vallarta; currently, he’s expanding his repertoire as a mixologist.