About Me

Raised on the frosty shores of Lake Erie, I hurried to the West Coast, got an M.A. in Creative Writing at San Francisco State University and, following a brief career in academia, found my true north as a copywriter. It’s a path that’s let me hone my skills as a poet and writer while I created my own business, as did my parents and grandparents. Seems like there’s always a little DNA involved in our choices.


A freelance writer for 25 years, I’ve won my share of Addies and Communication Arts awards. I’ve also published five books of poetry and have a slew of literary awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship. Currently, I’m happily at work on a novel.


Lucky me, I got sick when I was very young. I say lucky because I’ve been eating organically ever since. I live in a slightly bigger than tiny house and, all in all, walk my talk by keeping my footprint light and green.


Why Work With Me

You’re doing something you believe in, and my guess is that you’re doing it like nobody else. So am I. You trust in something unpredictable and beyond numbers. You have a sense that if you serve the world, the world will reciprocate. So do I.

As a novelist and award-winning poet, I bring my storytelling and metaphor-making talents to your project. I’m also not afraid to look a tricky grammatical situation in the eye and have a master copyeditor to turn to for a second opinion.