Copywriter and Brand Strategist

for People Propelled by Their Values

Fresh Ideas

You’re committed to unambiguous high standards. For you, doing well also means doing good. You live your values. Me, too. My mission is to use fresh thinking and benefit-focused copywriting to help you achieve yours.

Maybe you’re an established company set to rebrand. Or a conscious start-up needing a brand strategy. I can forge a core message that will clarify your brand, then create concepts and content to get the most from your marketing. The perfect tagline speaks volumes.

As an award-winning copywriter and author, I’ll bring my storytelling and metaphor-making talents to your project. I’ll tell your story and highlight your benefits in an authentic voice that stirs people to choose well. To choose you.

Stefanie is a fantastic business investment.

“Starting a new business is daunting. But the hardest part by far is finding the voice of your company, and that’s where Stefanie is a fantastic business investment. She patiently will help you navigate through your brand messaging and nail the perfect tone and personality.”

—Bridget Brown, Founder, Filbert, Vegan Luxury Handbags

Stefanie's that rare copywriter who's great with words and can think left and right of center.

“Over the 25+ years I’ve worked in this business, I’ve met many incredibly talented copywriters. It’s rare, however, to find one who’s great with words and who can think left and right of center. Stefanie’s that writer.”
—Mark Sackett, President & Creative Director, Reflectur

She truly understands the organic and natural food business.

“Stefanie quickly picked up on New Leaf’s personality and character and was able to translate that into website copy that was not only great, but consistent throughout. She’s great with deadlines, too!”
—Sarah Owens, Marketing Director, New Leaf Community Markets

Stefanie’s a talented writer, an excellent collaborator, and a powerful visionary.

“Stefanie got it, right away, and I got so much more out of the experience than I expected to. We worked as a team. Now I’m more clear about my own vision and have great copy for a beautiful website!”
—Valerie Loo, Loo Movement, Oakland, CA

Stefanie did much more than write the copy.

“Brilliantly original, Stefanie came up with ways of describing my work that I never would have thought of. And she did much more than write the copy. She has a fluency with the technical side of things and helped organize the website, too—a real support from start to finish.”
—Jennifer Berezan, Musician/Producer, Song For All Beings







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