Supplement Copywriter

Infused with targeted herbs and vitamins, Tonic Health Shot packs a lot of healthy punch. Drawing on years of writing about nutritional supplements, I created short, informative label copy that echoed the bold design of the packaging and appealed to a younger market.

Packaging Copy, Tagline, and T-Shirt Slogan

Tonic Health Shot

It’s not complicated just concentrated.


Tonic Health Shot. A balance of botanical traditions and proven nutrition. A potent infusion of health for your whole body.

Detox. It’s damage control. A pure mix of natural ingredients for when you need to erase the night before, purge toxins and up your electrolytes.

Calm. It’s an infusion of inner peace. A soothing mix of natural ingredients that helps you unplug, de-stress and get some sweet, rejuvenating sleep.

Energy. It’s a jumpstart. A powerful mix of natural ingredients formulated to invigorate the body and increase stamina so you can work hard and play harder.

Focus. It’s fuel for your mind. A brilliant mix of natural ingredients that supports mental clarity, memory, and concentration.

Immunity. It’s your secret weapon. A vital mix of natural ingredients for those times your body’s defense system needs a healthy boost.



There’s a Tonic for That.