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Psychotherapist Cathy Bush created a breakthrough program designed to help stymied parents improve their relationships with their adolescent children. I wrote the original site for the program, including a bio, which stressed this Marin County therapist’s impressive professional and personal experience.


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Cathy Busch L.C.S.W.



About Cathy Busch, L.C.S.W.

Cathy’s deep-seated desire to understand child development and the dynamics of the parent-child relationship began in graduate school and continues to fuel and inform her work. She’s taken numerous post-graduate courses, staying aware of the latest understandings in psychology, and has studied closely with some of today’s most renowned experts in the fields of child development, personality disorder, and attachment systems research. Her mentors include Dan Segal, James Masterson, and Steven Seligman. Cathy’s personal interest in parent-child relationships grew keener as she raised her own children. The challenges of parenting spurred her to delve even more deeply into relational psychology, finding a wellspring of insight that enriched her own parenting and her work as a psychotherapist. In recent years, with much success, Cathy has focused on helping parents of adolescents, developing a psychotherapeutic approach she calls In Touch Integration. Cathy is the mother of two grown daughters and lives in Larkspur, California with her husband of thirty years, David Busch, a Bay Area physician.