Organic Meal Kit Copywriter

The founders of 9 Organics started their organic meal kit company because after their first baby was born, they had no time to shop and cook. However, they couldn’t find a service that was truly organic and committed to sustainability. Thus began the story of 9 Organics. 

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9 Organics


Like you, we got busier than we ever thought possible, especially after our baby arrived. We loved the idea of home-cooked dinners, like our mothers made for us, but even grocery shopping had become impossible. Eventually, we tried meal kit services, but they seemed generic, and often there was too much packaging, too much food, and too much cleanup. We thought we could do better. One idea led to the next, and 9 Organics was born.

From the start, we wanted to create an experience that had an honest, personal touch.

We would do our own deliveries! (It’s us in the 9 Organics truck—you can talk to us.)  We also wanted our food to be authentic. Looking back, the meals we’ve most enjoyed were made by friends and family. So instead of going to professionals, we’d ask home cooks in the community to share their favorite recipes. We’d find a home chef to curate the recipes, making sure the spices, grains, and cooking styles were true to the cuisine, whether Indian, classic American, vegetarian. Then we’d develop modular directions and recipe videos so you could to cater to every palate in your household.

Most importantly, we wanted 9 Organics to be a pleasure you could feel good about. Living in the Bay Area, we naturally have a “sustainable” mindset, and this guides our decisions. We partner with local, organic farms and our packaging system is compostable, recyclable, and reusable. We aim to generate zero waste while we help you whip up delicious, home-cooked organic dinners that make you, and everyone at the table, happy.