Organic Baby Food Copywriter

Baby can’t read. But because baby’s parents always have baby on their minds, the packaging copy needs to talk nutritious and delicious to those baby-minded parents. Little Spoons is an organic baby food company that pioneered using high pressure technology for a truly fresher baby food.

Packaging Copy

Little Spoon Organics Babyblends

It’s Fresh, Baby


Flavors Just Peachy Nuzzled by the sun and bursting with Vitamins A & C, our fresh organic peaches are the perfect first fruit to put on your baby’s spoon.

Purely Plum Chock-full of fiber and antioxidants, our organic tree-ripened, sundried prunes are sure to satisfy your little one’s sweet tooth, and in the healthiest way.  

Two Ps in a Pod Enrich your baby’s next meal with the protein, calcium and iron packed into our perfect pairing of fresh peas and succulent pears.

Something to Root For Let’s hear it for calcium, protein and Vitamin A! We’ve teamed up parsnips and beets with bananas and mangos to give your baby winning nutrition.

Mighty Good Greens Leafy kale and garden parsnips mingle with honey-sweet pears in a super-nourishing mix bursting with Vitamins C and K.

Berry Upbeat Wake up your mini foodie’s taste buds with our savory combo of strawberry, beet, pear and basil—a powerhouse of potassium, magnesium and Vitamin C.

Coconut Boat Give your baby a vacation from the ordinary with our smooth and creamy, vitamin-rich fusion of coconut milk, tropical mango and seasonal carrot.

Plum Good Juicy plums, bright blueberries, leafy spinach and a kiss of mint jam-pack essential nutrients and antioxidants into in every lip-smacking spoonful of our popular puree.

Here Comes the Sun Rich, nutty butternut squash meets juicy, sun-sweet apricots in our mouthwatering blend brimming with Beta Carotene, Lycopene and Vitamin C.

Bunny Lane A twist of ginger adds zing to crunchy carrots and apples in a fiber-rich combo that delivers oodles of calcium plus Beta Carotene.  

Go with The Grain Our creamy cereal of quinoa, apples and cranberries with a dash of cinnamon serves up a hearty meal with chock-full of protein, fiber and antioxidants.

Make Room for Legumes We’ve added a pinch of thyme to tender red lentils, plump tomatoes and butternut-ty squash—a wholesome favorite loaded with protein, fiber and Beta Carotene

Full Belly Baby Fill your little foodie’s belly with amaranth, an ancient high-protein grain, blended with yummy bananas, dewy raspberries and morsels of coconut.