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Noonetime Naturals’ founder Nat Noone put heart and soul into creating a truly refreshing natural soda with unforgettable fruit flavors, which were a kick to describe. The enterprise was shortlived as Nat had other irons in the fire and moved on to become CEO of a natural beverage distribution company.


Tagline, Packaging and Website Copy

Noonetime Naturals

Refreshingly Uplifting


True Love

Take a sip of a politely caffeinated fruit soda that gets you where you want to go, and without a single gram of added sugar or artificial anything. A lo-cal soda where the fruit on the front is the first fruit in the bottle. We call it True Fruit Soda. Love at First Sip.


True Fruit

We got into the fruit in our True Fruit Soda, way into it, before it got into our soda. We researched pasts; analyzed character. Only when you know everything about someone can you truly love him, or her. So of all the fruit we considered, six made the cut.

Cucumber—Crisp and bright like its cousin melon but more worldly, Cucumber will get your attention without ever raising its voice.

Mango—From the green mansions of tropical forests, comes The King of Fruit. Sunset colors on the outside and honeyed flesh with a tinge of tang.

Blueberry—Stylishly sweet, packed with antioxidants and, some say, good for your eyesight, Blueberry is cool and surprisingly juicy.

Grapefruit—The big girl of the citrus crowd, Grapefruit wakes you up all on its own. Juicy as any orange, it’s tart and tangy with an essential sweetness.

Apple—Tart, sweet, crisp, honeyed, juicy, aromatic, crunchy, sinful, Apple’s got many faces: Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady to name a few.

Tangerine—Cute, petite, full of C but never sour, the mellowest citrus, that’s Tangerine. Bright and sweet in splendid balance.


Company—True Calling

First came a fruit stand then fruit salad delivery to Capitol Hill. Nat Noone built a career selling fruit and fruit juice, but he was hooked on diet soda. A decade later, he’s challenging the beverage industry with a natural fruit soda that’s low in calories and politely caffeinated. For most of us, Noonetime Natural’s True Fruit Soda is a refreshing change. For Nat Noone, it’s his destiny.