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Five Point Fitness is a small gym in Marin County, California that stays ahead of the curve, both with its equipment and its fitness programs. The range and depth of expertise offered by its personal trainers is a big reason why. 


Fitness Trainer Bios

Five Points Fitness


Peter Bartsch

With an M.A. in philosophy, Peter fuses Eastern philosophy with Western sports, applying the principles of yin and yang to muscles “Unfortunately, we often neglect our yin muscles, the ones that we can’t see in the mirror, such as our erectus spinae, the muscles that run along the spine” Peter knows on a deep level how critical yin muscles are to wellbeing. Four years ago, he fractured his lumbar four, so he’s had firsthand experience rehabbing, learning to rebuild from the bottom up. Peter describes his approach to fitness as holistic and is very clear about the importance of going one step at a time—as tempting as it might be to skip to building visible muscle mass. Applying a keen understanding of biomechanics, Peter tailors athletes’ workouts to the specific muscles they use in their sports, helping them both improve their performance and prevent injuries. Whether he’s working with young athletes, or with seniors, as he did extensively at the YMCA, Peter connects. He knows both the pleasure of excelling at a sport and how good it feels to be released from pain. He also makes every effort to convey the reason behind everything he asks his clients to do, so they can continue to progress on their own.

Motto: You can’t have a healthy mind without a healthy body.

Focus: Neuromuscular training.

Mission: To share my understanding about how to proliferate pathways in the body and mind that led to serenity.

With Peter’s guidance, I’ve developed a new attitude regarding fitness and nutrition and am happy to say I’ve lost about 30 pounds. Peter has provided me with the knowledge and encouragement I needed to make better health choices. His workout routines have helped me slim down, tone up and feel ten times better than I did when we began our sessions a year ago.

—Geri M., San Rafael


Lauren Dils

Lauren’s romance with sports and fitness began during long summers in Alaska where she explored the outdoors with her family—mountain biking, road biking, swimming, camping, whitewater rafting, and hiking, hiking, hiking. Soon, she added competitive downhill skiing, basketball, volleyball, soccer and trail and track running to her repertoire. At Colorado State University, Lauren earned a degree in Health and Exercise Science. She’s pushed her limits with endurance running events and triathlons and has dabbled in mountaineering and rock climbing. As a fitness trainer, Lauren aims to be 100-percent present—listening closely then formulating detailed programs tailored to her clients. She first brings people to a steady state then steps up the intensity. Balance training is the kingpin in Lauren’s programs: “It sculpts muscles as it helps change posture, asking the body to adjust and make new neurological connections. You hit a lot of things with a simple tool when you’re doing a chest press on a fit ball or balancing on a BOSU trainer.” Lauren emphasizes functional lifestyle training, showing people exercises to help with things as everyday as carrying groceries or playing with grandkids. With her pilot husband, Lauren started for professionals who want to progress toward their fitness goals when they’re on the road.

Motto: Be consistent.

Focus: Posture, such as upper cross syndrome, and training runners.

Mission: To create whole-body fitness programs to resonate with individual needs, personalities and potentials.

 Lauren’s not an in-your-face trainer, but she’s helped me transform my body and made working out fun again. She has so much knowledge and creates amazing workouts that work every muscle. I always wonder at the end of a session how she’s going to top it next time, but she does.

—Jackie G., Corte Madera


Randy Ramos

Randy has always been an athlete, first playing little league, then in high school, football, basketball and baseball. But he’s always seen the physical aspects of life as integrally linked to mind and spirit. Randy grew up in Manhattan and went to college in upstate New York where he expressed that body-mind-spirit continuum through performance art. Even as a kid, Randy’s heroes were people who embodied both grace and athleticism, and he tries to bring those qualities to his own pursuits, including his personal training, offering clients a new understanding of the body along with a subtle spiritual component. Working with clients of every age, Randy emphasizes flexibility, in the broadest sense. He feels it’s easy, especially as we age, to get stuck in old patterns and attached to old preferences. “To be truly healthy, you’ve got to keep the mind nimble, too.” Randy helps people become self-aware—aware of how they’re standing, if their gait is balanced and their arms swinging naturally or, if they’re holding their shoulders, of how they’re holding them. He feels that many people have had lifelong relationships with their bodies that aren’t serving them and that his work as a trainer is to help “undo what’s been done.” In his training sessions, Randy balances his own natural seriousness and dedication with humor and lightness. Essential to Randy’s approach to fitness training, and life, is that we consider equally not just what we intend to do but how we intend to do it.

Motto: This lifetime is a gift.

Focus: Getting people to find the answers on the inside.

Mission: To undo what’s been done, empowering people to be in their bodies and enjoy being there.

I’m seventy-five years old and have engaged Randy Ramos as my personal trainer for three hours a week for the past year. I can’t express how much he has helped me. I visited my physician for an annual check-up two days ago. The doctor was astonished at my increased strength, good straight posture and overall excellent physical condition. I attribute it all to Randy, who has, in a quiet assured manner, taught me how to sit, lie and walk properly, without falling. Because of Randy, I now understand what and where my core strength is and how to maintain and use it.  

—Judith E., Belvedere