Energy Drink Copywriter

Vegan athlete and entrepreneur Allison Jacobson wanted a plant-based energy drink that would increase her stamina and help her recover from the stress of intense workouts—but there was nothing out there. So she created Light Up. Working closely with Allison, I put created the voice and story for Inspire Organics’ flagship product, putting Allison’s story and the great benefits of Light Up center stage.

Tagline, Packaging, Social Media, and Website Copy

Light Up from Inspire Organics

Fuel Your Body. Love Your Day.


The Advantage You’re Looking For

With lots of good juju and zero side effects, Light Up gives you the lift and focus you need to succeed. No jitters, no GMOs, just a supermix of organics in an easy-to-mix powder that gets you where you want to go.

Feel-good Energy that Nourishes Your Whole Being

With proven adaptogens, Light Up resets your adrenals to a calmer vibration, so you can handle stress better and love life more. Made with a perfect combo of ingredients, it’s plant-powered fuel that boosts your energy and your sense of wellbeing.

All Energy Drinks Aren’t Created Equally

Sometimes we forget to say organic because we insist on organic, no matter what, despite the higher cost. What we never forget is all that went into coming up with the perfecta of ingredients for our plant-powered supermix. So yeah, you can get yourself a cheap jolt or you can choose energizing, refreshing, stress-easing Light Up for about $2 a glass.

Our Story

Light Up is Inspire Organics’ firstborn and the brainchild of our founder Allison Jacobson. As a vegan athlete and passionate liver of life, Allison discovered that she wasn’t alone in her search for a higher source of supplemental energy and so set about creating it.

At the time, Allison was living on Kaua`i and fell in love with classic Hawaiian fruit juices. She brought their refreshing taste and her knowledge of plant-sourced nutrition to Light Up.

We keep things in perspective. We know that it’s your inner light that ultimately lets you achieve your goals. But we call Light Up dream fuel for a reason. It’s our sincere desire that you and everyone in our community realize your dreams

From Our Founder and CEO, Allison

With all the hats I’ve worn on my journey—art director, recruiter, Olympic weightlifter, health coach, yoga instructor, animal welfare activist, social media strategist, and finally, CEO of Inspire Organics, I’ve been around people from all walks of life looking for a perfect source of extra energy.

That’s why I started Inspire Organics and created Light Up—so everyone can feel what it’s like to function at their best. There’s so much to do in this life. Light Up is that boost of clean energy we all need to help us to do it all, and do it well.

—Allison Jacobson, Founder of Inspire Organics