Dental Copywriter

After I became a patient in Dr. Lakind’s practice, I learned that it was possible to almost enjoy going to the dentist. I also learned firsthand how key dental health is to overall health. The ads I concepted and wrote for Lakind Dental Group reflect the practice’s holistic and upbeat approach.

Ad Campaign

Lakind Dental Group


Not Dental Chair.

Sitting Pretty.

If you think cosmetic dentistry is all about vanity, we’d like to shift your paradigm. Your beautiful smile begins with your dental health—and that’s our focus.


Not Dental Chair.

Seat of Knowledge.

We’ll take the time to inform you about everything that can affect your dental well-being, explaining the latest technologies and all your options, so that we can make enlightened choices together.


Not Dental Chair.

Love Seat.

We love what we do and we love our patients. That’s why offering the latest technologies isn’t enough. We take the time to help you understand all your options then decide together what’s best for you.


Not Dental Chair.

Easy Chair.

We not only offer the latest technologies we also explain all your options. So we can make the right choices together. So you can lean back, watch the birds in our garden, listen to cool music, and relax.