Brand Strategist

Gohemian’s founder, a lifelong golfer, believes his Turf Cruiser, an electric bike engineered specifically for the golf course, will make the game more appealing to younger players. Gohemian’s Turf Cruiser speeds up the game and gives athletic golfers a better workout without causing environmental damage. Getting the word out about this electric alternative to the golf cart will take some time, but the message is clear: Gohemian is a game changer.


Brand Strategy

Gohemian Vehicle Company


Positioning Statement

The Gohemian Turf Cruiser represents a new class of golf vehicle that’s responding to the changing tastes and expectations of players, and of society as a whole. This hybrid vehicle enables players to go to their ball, traveling the golf course at their pace, while getting good exercise. People increasingly want to do things more efficiently and in their own time. In this way, the Turf Cruiser is evolving the game of golf, making it a better experience for everyone who plays it.

Core Statement

Engineered and manufactured by the Northern California-based Gohemian Vehicle Co., the Turf Cruiser is a hybrid pedal and electric motor golf vehicle designed to improve the golfing experience while increasing the golf operator’s revenue.

A healthy, energy-saving alternative to the standard two-person golf cart, Gohemian’s dual-powered Turf Cruiser allows players to traverse a course by pedaling as they would a bicycle while being assisted by an electric motor. With this one-person vehicle, players enjoy an independence that allows them to go where they want to go when they want to go there. The Turf Cruiser provides good exercise, is faster than walking, and offers a kind of freedom players sharing a two-person golf cart don’t have. The result? Players stay more engaged, play more efficiently, and finish their games in less time. Golf operators who give their customers the choice of getting around the course on a Turf Cruiser can accommodate more players per day.

Benefits: Golfer

A healthy alternative to the golf cart—that’s faster than walking and frees players from having to share a two-person golf cart—the Turf Cruiser gives players the autonomy to go where they want to go and play golf at a pace they find appropriate. Players are able to stay warmed up, focused, and engaged with their game, and in most cases, play faster and more efficiently.

Benefits: Golf Operator

An energy-saving alternative to the golf cart, the Turf Cruiser can reduce not only standard round times but also excessively long round times, potentially giving golf operators the ability to accommodate more customers per day. By giving players the option to traverse the course on a Turf Cruiser, operators might also attract new/more customers.

A Good Investment: Golf Operator

The Turf Cruiser is a sound investment for any golf course owner or operator. Because it’s powered by the pedaling action of the rider and is far lighter than a standard two-person golf cart, the 180-pound Turf Cruiser requires about 1/20th the electricity of a two-person cart. That saves the operator/owner money, of course, but also enhances their reputation as an environmentally friendly, sustainable business.

After acquiring a critical number of Turf Riders, an operator might be able to fit more T-times into a day as well. T-times are most often scheduled eight minutes apart. With the Turf Cruiser, an operator might be able to schedule T-times at seven- minute intervals. So, for example, a 10-hour schedule of T-times could go from 75 scheduled T-times, at eight-minute intervals, to 86 T-times with seven-minute spacing. At four rounds per T-time that’s potentially an extra 44 rounds per day—the income from which goes mostly to the golf operator’s bottom line.


T-time Spacing in Minutes Total Minutes of Scheduled T-times (10 hrs. x 60 min.) Total Potential T-times

600 min.  ÷  8 or 7

8 600 75
7 600 ~86


Plus, once a golf operator establishes a reputation as a place to play more efficiently and play shorter rounds, time-conscious players will choose his/her course over others. The course may well attract customers who would have gone elsewhere if it weren’t for their fleet of Turf Cruisers. A hybrid golf vehicle that lets players get good exercise, play more efficiently, and cover a course more quickly, the energy-saving Gohemian Turf Cruiser is an investment in the future of any golf operation and in the golf industry as a whole.

Selling Points

  1. As an alternative to the golf cart and to walking, the four-wheeled, dual-powered Turf Cruiser appeals to players of all ages, fitness, and energy levels.
  2. The Turf Cruiser is a hybrid golf vehicle, offering the best features of both riding and walking.
  3. One of the greatest benefits of the Turf Cruiser is the autonomy it offers a golfer. Players can go wherever they want, and play at whatever speed they want, independent of the group they’re playing with. That’s a big difference between the Turf Cruiser and the two-person golf cart. The Turf Cruiser, thereby, enhances the golfing experience, enabling players to stay focused on their game and to play more freely and efficiently. This increased autonomy also reduces the stress slower players often feel. People grow uncomfortable and anxious if they think their golf play is impacting/hindering the play of others. It’s often the reason people don’t take up the game of golf. Because players can play more efficiently and independently with the Turf Cruiser, they play more confidently. Relaxed and unworried, they don’t feel forced to play faster than is comfortable.
  4. For the players looking to get more exercise in their limited leisure time, the Turf Cruiser is an excellent answer. Not only will they get a good workout from pedaling, they’ll also experience fewer delays during a game. They can play their round in less time, so they’ll need a smaller window of time to play in. This is a win-win for players and golf operators. Knowing a golf course has a fleet of Turf Cruisers, time-constrained people may not only choose to play golf, they’ll choose to play a course that has Turf Cruisers.
  5. The Turf Cruiser uses approximately 1/20th the electricity needed to power standard two-person golf carts.
  6. With its 180 pounds distributed over four wheels, the Turf Cruiser is easier on turf than the typical 1,000-pound golf cart, which leads to improved course appearance and reduced maintenance costs.
  7. The Turf Cruiser’s four wheels also make it very balanced and rider-friendly. With the wide stance of its front wheels, the Turf Cruiser is exceptionally stable, ensuring player safety and potentially lowering insurance costs.
  8. Compare the average price point and fuel efficiency of golf carts to that of the Turf Cruiser, and investing in a fleet of Gohemian Turf Cruisers becomes environmentally and economically sensible. For many golf operators who want and need to stay at the forefront of what’s trending in the golf world, investing in a fleet of Gohemian Turf Cruisers is an investment in their future.
  9. Giving your customers this healthy choice gives operators a competitive edge. It’s good for business and good for your reputation. The Turf Cruiser may help you attract customers you might not have attracted otherwise.